You need to have a flair for romance to attract a Pisces woman. It is also important to have a good sense of humor and the ability to listen for extended periods of time. Once you have captured the attention of a Pisces, they will be quick to open up to you. Sex with a Pisces woman can be explosive, and you will never be bored in the bedroom.

A Pisces woman will enjoy all of the dramatic arts, so deciding what to do on a first date will be very simple. She will also greatly enjoy a lively discussion about spirituality and the supernatural, and if that discussion is held over a glass of wine, she will be thrilled. A Pisces woman really enjoys well timed compliments. It does not even matter if you are simply repeating a compliment that you overheard someone else give to her; as long as the Pisces female feels that you are being sincere, she will love it.

Pisces women are extremely intuitive, and are likely to quickly figure out if all you are looking for is sex. Although a Pisces woman has a very sexual nature, she wants to be treated with respect and is unlikely to allow you to fully seduce her during the first few dates. If you open up to her and tell her some secrets, however, she will instantly feel more connected with you. That connection will get you into her bedroom quicker than any seduction tips that anyone might give to you.

If you wish to have a long-term relationship with a Pisces woman, you need to avoid hurting her feelings. Pisces women are extremely sensitive by nature, and they are not quick to forgive and forget. Once her heart has been wounded, she will have a hard time opening herself back up to the thought of an intimate relationship with you.

Dating a Pisces woman is not always easy due to her sensitive nature, but her giving personality and adventurous sexual nature makes her
the perfect mate for a man who possesses a bit of patience. Make her feel wonderful, and she will never leave your side.

How to seduce you?
The old fashioned way where romance comes first, followed by endless nights of passionate sex. You prefer naturally romantic settings so you can let your imagination run wild.

Best romantic ritual for you:
The element of water is your romantic aphrodisiac… and that’s why anything that brings you deep relaxation is the best romantic ritual for you. And of the many ways you relax is a long, luxurious, romantic bath.

Most romantic places for you to make love:
• On a plush blanket, while lying on the sand of a warm, secluded beach.
• In a Jacuzzi hot tub, filled with fragrant flowers and overflowing with silky, milky bath bubbles.
• On the king sized waterbed in the master suite of a private yacht.

Best SYT Product for the Sensual Pisces Women:
Magic Banana— While other women are happy to have one orgasm, you’ll sign up for three. According to the Sensual Zodiac, Sensual Pisces women are more prone to having G-spot orgasms than any other. This intense product for kegel exercise is the female’s secret for incredible orgasms!



Take out a box of tissues and a romantic movie, invite him over and prepare to get lost in each others eyes. The way to seduce a Pisces man is to open up to him completely. Tell him he's the only one who can save you. He wants the soul mate relationship like no other. He's hungry to meld two as one. If you can handle love with no boundaries, you can seduce a Pisces man.

He is sensitive, gentle, compassionate and kind. He's a sponge who will soak up the emotions of anyone around him, including you. Once
he feels you want to seduce him, he will take on that feeling as his own and want to seduce you in return.

Tips for seducing the Sensual Pisces man:Drive him wild by…1. Worshipping at his feet. His feet are one of his pleasure zones. If he’s never had a loving foot massage, be the first to give him one and he’ll soon be addicted.

2. Indulging his weakness for sweetness. All Sensual Pisces men have a weakness for sweetness. If you want to blow his mind, find ways to exploit his sweet tooth in bed using sensual, edible products.

Best SYT Product for the Sensual Pisces man:
Body Paint — Turn your lover into a tasty treat while you excite his senses and satisfy your hunger for a sweet treat. Cover your lover from head to toe in strawberry bliss and have fun licking it off.

Some excerpt from Sexual Astrology and Suzie Johnson

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